[Stable update] 2021-01-30 – Kernels, internet Browsers, Vulkan

Hello group,

this is any other replace to the secure

Our design for the Pinebook Pro won a few updates

Some of the characteristic updates:

  • The majority of the Kernels have been up to date
  • Updates for Palemoon and Firefox-dev,
  • Drivers Vulkan ‘s most up-to-date
  • The fixes to upstream as standard

If you love to stay alongside of the newest construction at the Tv, you’ll additionally take a look at our present unlock of manjaro-kde-dev package deal, which is created frequently in line with the packet-master to the supply code of git. Also, take a look at our ISO 18.1.5 the prevailing , and to offer us the essential comments. You too can take a look at our spin with the NX-Desktop

As all the time, we thanks to your evaluation and comments at the updates.


Arch has up to date its compression is the default for the zstd. We have fallen into the similar trend. More and extra instrument might be with the tszextension is any further. If, for any reason why, you obtain an error message with the ZSTD isn’t supported as a structure for archiving, please do the next:

wget static
chmod +x server-static
continuously requested questions (faq ./pacman. static -Syyu

Our kernels are these days supported

  • linux316 3.16.81
  • linux44 4.4.211
  • linux49 4.9.211
  • linux414 4.14.168
  • linux419 4.19.99
  • linux53 5.3.18 [EOL]
  • linux54 5.4.15
  • linux55 5.5.0
  • linux419 rt: 4: 19; cf.94_rt39
  • linux54 -) rt 5.4.10_rt5

Any adjustments to the package deal on Tuesday, January 28th at 21:12:47 pm CET 2021)

  • locally, secure x86-64: 354 package deal (s) new (s) 344 the package deal (s) got rid of (s)
  • core-stable, x86-64: 18 package (s) new (s) – 21 packet (s), got rid of (- s)
  • extra-stable, x86-64: 206 package deal (s) new (s), and 257 package deal (s) got rid of (s)
  • document a secure x86-64: 6 package (s) new (s) and 6 package (s) got rid of (s)

The issues and answers are well known

Many flatpaks have somewhat of hassle getting a protected connection

This is a identified computer virus associated with the replace of the kit-p11 for 0.23.19 . A workaround is to downgrade to the former model and skip the main points.

sudo pacman -U

Update wpa_supplicant to broke your wireless from Broadcom

When you flip at the new options in revision 4 of the v2’s.9) of the Arch in reference to a card, a Broadcom wireless used to be not conceivable. This is a identified computer virus. Try to downgrade the evaluation to 3, or to improve to revision 5.

sudo pacman -U
sudo pacman -U

Compatibility to rsync (from Arch Linux)

(2021-01-15, by way of Christian Hesse)
(This is related to the Manjaro as a result of Manjaro does not subject to the rsyncwithout delay at the client-server style.)

Our rsyncpackage deal has been shipped with the package deal by way of ourselvesfor compatibility with the --compressway to the old-style till model 3.1.0. The model is 3.1.1 and used to be launched on 22/06/2021, and is now submitted for any of the main distributions.

So, we determined to after all eliminate a library, package deal, and send a package deal with the device by way of ourselves. This additionally fixes the safety problems in the actual and one day. Blame the entire outdated variations operating, should you in finding any mistakes with the rsync-3.1.3-3.


This submit is only a translation of the unique, you can in finding it right here.

If you’ve got a program that you just like, you should not have a model for Manjaro please, please, please, please write within the feedback the title of this system that we are going to search for another an identical, or, whether it is conceivable to port it to Manjaro, we can keep in touch with the builders.

Please, do not put out of your mind to proportion it at the social networks of the postings from this weblog as an incentive to provide the content material, great to grasp that we’re serving to other folks to get to grasp each and every of the options of this wonderful Linux distro.

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