WWE 2K20 Review – Royal Fumble


WWE 2K20

October 22, 2020

Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Publisher 2K Sports

Developer Visual Concepts

2020 has been a yr of upheaval for WWE. The corporate has been caught in a rut, generating the similar mostly-predictable content material for years, however lately they’ve been compelled to make behind-the-scenes adjustments to their ingenious procedure within the face of declining rankings, new festival, and Smackdown’s transfer to Fox Sports. It continues to be noticed whether or not WWE will have the ability to effectively face down their present demanding situations, however nowadays, the placement doesn’t appear extraordinarily promising (any one who watched Hell in a Cell this yr is aware of what I’m speaking about).

It turns out 2020 may be a yr of exchange for WWE video video games. The WWE 2K franchise has been caught in its personal relaxed rut for years, however this yr longtime developer Yuke’s (they’ve been making WWE video games for 20 years) departed, leaving Visual Concepts in sole regulate of the sequence. So, was once Yuke’s conserving the sequence again all alongside? Or will 2K Games in the long run feel sorry about the breakup of the Visual Concepts/Yuke’s tag staff? Lace up your boots, it’s time to determine…

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WWE 2K20’s core in-ring motion hasn’t modified a lot since remaining yr. It sticks to the fundamental punch, kick, standard grapple, sturdy grapple device that wrestling video games had been the use of because the mid-90s. As I’ve complained for the previous umpteenth years, the device additionally stays a ways too fixated on reversals. WWE 2K20 doesn’t provide the talent to dam or evade assaults – tapping the reversal button at simply the suitable 2nd is normally the one strategy to exchange the process a fit, necessarily turning them into prolonged fast time occasions. WWE 2K20 does deliver again remaining yr’s Payback device, which provides a small quantity of intensity to the lawsuits. Absorb sufficient harm and also you’ll earn a distinct talent, together with rapid finishers, automated, no-fail reversals, or more than a few buffs. This will give you a restricted alternative to switch the momentum of a fit despite the fact that the AI is being a proper bastard and reversing the entirety you do. I used to be hoping the Payback device can be expanded this yr, but it surely’s roughly unchanged.

So, has the motion been upgraded in any respect? Well, the button structure has been stepped forward a little bit, and it feels just like the timing on reversals is extra forgiving. That stated, any certain positive aspects are eliminated by way of WWE 2K20’s excessive jankiness. If you’ve been at the Internet the previous week, you’ve surely noticed GIFs of wrestlers without end spinning like logs, glitching throughout the ring, or reworking into Medusa-like monsters. I will attest these things is not unusual, and infrequently kinda humorous, however extra frequently than now not, the glitchiness is simply undeniable demanding. Controls really feel additional gradual, and can infrequently forestall responding in any respect or motive you to do the incorrect strikes. Frequently I’d randomly lose the power to counter. The recreation’s AI is just useful in common suits, and outright fizzles out for those who’re enjoying one thing extra novel like a ladder fit. This recreation is true at the fringe of being unplayable.

And sure, the sport is really ghastly taking a look. Apparently, 2K misplaced the scans they did of the WWE roster within the divorce from Yuke’s and employed the previous girl who tousled that Jesus fresco to redo the faces by way of hand. I imply, how else to give an explanation for the truth that Becky Lynch, the sport’s duvet megastar, seems like this?

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For the sake of comparability, right here’s what Randy Orton gave the impression of in WWE 2K18.

There are a small handful of wrestlers that break out the uglification — the Undertaker and Triple H appear to be themselves, however they’re the exception. If I needed to praise one side of the WWE 2K20’s presentation, I’d say the sequence’ legendarily terrible observation is…a bit higher this yr. It feels a little bit extra herbal, and I in fact chuckled at a pair strains, but it surely’s nonetheless sloppily carried out. Commentators frequently get started speaking about stuff utterly disconnected to what’s taking place on display screen and can repeat sure words advert nauseum.

It’s a disgrace WWE 2K20 is this sort of technical fiasco, as it does deliver a couple of welcome new options to the desk, maximum significantly the long-awaited complete integration the ladies’s roster. This yr the women get their very own Showcase targeted at the Four Horsewomen of NXT (Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley) and are a part of MyCareer mode.

The Women’s Evolution Showcase is some of the competent, polished a part of WWE 2K20, however that isn’t announcing a lot. Its live-action documentary bits are k, however now not as smartly put in combination as some previous years, and the suits be afflicted by the similar factor Showcase mode has all the time had. Battles like Charlotte vs. Sasha Bank’s Hell in a Cell fit or the ancient Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte WrestleMania 35 primary tournament are recreated in exacting element, which finally ends up being the issue. Each fit calls for you to test off a protracted checklist of targets, and frequently you find yourself dropping suits merely since you couldn’t maneuver your opponent into an overly particular spot for an overly particular transfer. WWE 2K20 quite a bit on extra targets than ever ahead of and continuously switching between characters (as a substitute of sticking to one like in remaining yr’s Daniel Bryan Showcase) approach you’re all the time having test methods to do sure required strikes. I sought after to love this yr’s Showcase, but it surely temporarily began to really feel like homework.

This yr’s MyCareer mode is, smartly, attention-grabbing. At least it’s for those who’re in a position to get entry to the mode with out it crashing. I controlled to wreck the create-a-wrestler, giving my feminine MyPlayer a ugly alien eye on a stalk (possibly she’s associated with Jar Jar Binks), however the recreation would crash each time I tried to begin a occupation together with her. I removed the unusual eye and attempted once more, however extra crashes. After some on-line analysis I came upon MyCareer will crash for those who put any kind of brand on you MyPlayers. So, I removed the trademarks and after all MyCareer loaded, but if I attempted to change my wresters’ movesets, extra crashes. I’m now not exaggerating after I say it took me two to three hours and almost definitely 20 crashes ahead of I controlled to get began on my occupation with characters I used to be fairly pleased with. And then, the sport crashed once more inside about 20 mins. Just a bit style of the WWE 2K20 enjoy.

Too stunning for this fallen international

But whats up, what’s MyCareer about when it’s now not crashing? You play as two characters, Red and Tre, lifelong platonic existence pals and hopeless wrestling nerds who dream of creating it giant in WWE. Interestingly, we commence with Red and Tre getting ready to be inducted within the WWE Hall of Fame, with lots of the tale being instructed by the use of flashbacks that display how they made it to the highest. It’s a fascinating setup, that’s undermined by way of ridiculous writing. At more than a few issues all over the tale you’ll have to overcome a large rib in a dance contest, trip via an interdimensional portal to save lots of Undertaker from the “Plains of Purgatory,” and do fight with a cyborg Samoa Joe. No, actually. Now, I don’t thoughts a marginally of silliness, however all this nonsense is gifted with a snarky, condescending edge. It actually appears like WWE 2K20’s writers had been embarrassed to be operating on a wrestling recreation. Sure, this yr’s MyCareer holds your consideration in a “rubbernecking at a automotive crash” kind of approach, however make no mistake, it’s schlock of the easiest order.

If you’d moderately keep away from the goofy tale, you’ll simply release equipment and degree up your MyPlayer by way of competing on-line, but it surely’s a tiresome grind. WWE 2K20 doesn’t have microtransactions, however maximum of its equipment is locked away in loot-box-like card packs. Ultimately, the entire MyPlayer factor feels needless, as all of the things you’re unlocking is already to be had in primary advent suite. There’s simply no compelling reason why to spend hours upon hours unlocking stuff that you have already got. But whats up, a minimum of tinkering round in create-a-wrestler continues to be a laugh. Options for customizing your wrestler’s face are very restricted this yr, however there’s a seemingly-infinite number of hairstyles, equipment, and garments to choose between. Downloading group creations and putting in place currently-impossible exhibitions like Kenny Omega vs. Seth Rollins was once essentially the most a laugh I had with WWE 2K20.

And the checklist of stuff you’ll do in WWE 2K20 is going on. WWE Universe (principally a stripped-down model of the GM mode from different sports activities video games) returns, however stays a bit dry for my tastes. 2K Towers supply a tight arcade-style distraction, however aren’t precisely gripping. You can’t accuse WWE 2K20 of getting a loss of content material, however truthfully, I’d had been pleased with much less on this transitional yr. Visual Concepts obviously attempted to do an excessive amount of, and their execution fell smartly wanting excellence.

This evaluate was once in response to a replica of WWE 2K20 supplied by way of writer 2K Games. You can acquire the sport on Amazon.


WWE 2K20 is a slap within the face. I’m positive quite a few passionate folks labored in this recreation, however the truth that 2K Games was once keen to unencumber it in this sort of sorry state displays they imagine WWE hardcores will blindly gobble up no matter they shovel at them. WWE 2K20 is unpleasant, damaged, uninspired junk, written and introduced with contempt for professional wrestling and its enthusiasts. I do know purchasing the once a year WWE recreation is a practice for numerous folks, however I strongly urge you to rethink this yr. If 2K and Visual Concepts can’t do higher than this, it can be time to hold up their boots.


  • Women after all get their due
  • At least MyCareer isn’t dull
  • Creating wacky wrestlers continues to be a laugh


  • Almost unplayably damaged
  • Nearly each wrestler is hideous
  • In-ring motion is as wrong as ever
  • MyCareer writing is shamefully dumb
  • New Showcase appears like homework
  • Building your MyPlayer is futile