Drag Knife Blade Lengths

The distances from the pointy tip to the highest finish of the threshold, measured parallel to the shank axis:

  • 60° = 1.3 mm
  • 45° = 0.7 mm
  • 30° = 0.6 mm

Here, the attitude is going upward from the paper / Tek CC deck / no matter to the shank axis, so the 60° blade on the most sensible of the image has the longest blade edge.

Drag Knife Blades - unused 60 45 30 degreeDrag Knife Blades – unused 60 45 30 level

That’s for one trio of blades from a unmarried eBay vendor. I anticipated no consistency between dealers and that’s precisely what I were given after I taken care of my assortment through peering during the microscope:

Drag Knife Blades - inconsistent cap colorsDrag Knife Blades – inconsistent cap colours

Red turns out constantly 45°, however blue & yellow caps can duvet both 30° or 60° blades. The exact blade perspective lies most commonly inside ±5° of the nominal worth, with 45° between 40° and 50°, however I doubt my few samples span the QA area.

The flat shaping the bottom of the blade will have to put the purpose 0.25 mm from the shank axis and, for the reason that blades are 1.0 mm ⌀, additionally 0.25 mm from the OD. A couple of spot measurements counsel the purpose offset can also be as much as 0.4 mm from the axis, so any fancy calculations you could bring to mind making appear just about beside the point.

There’s no longer a lot sensible distinction between the 30° (“window tint”) and 45° (“vinyl”) blades, in particular given the attitude and offset tolerances, however 60° blades (“card inventory”) appear higher fitted to chopping the 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm thick laminated Tek Circuit Computer decks than the 45° blades I’ve been the use of.

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