Download Chamelephon_v1.0_apk imei chenge- App Size-348kb

App Size-348kb
Chamelephon is simple to use and helpful application for Chamelephon units. With the assistance of this software, you’ll be able to exchange the IMEI to your Chamelephon device. It is unfastened to be used on rooted Mediatek units.
Distinctive options of the application:
  • Each IMEI this is represented is confirmed. There is no chance of getting a pretend IMEI for app customers.
  • There are dozens of smartphones fashions appropriate with this software. Moreover, their listing is continuously increasing.
  • You can generate more than one IMEI, obtain and take a look at your IMEI information as the app analyzes your IMEI.
  • You are in a position to proper your luhn digit, exchange and service your IMEI.
  • You can examine more than one units specs simple and speedy.
Note, please:
  • Rooting is required.
  • Mediatek 65XX units are supported handiest.
  • The app works best possible on Chamelephon units.