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Peek Inside These Same-But-Different Power Supplies

When [Kerry Wong] discovered an Amrel PPS 35-2 Programmable Power Supply from the overdue 90s on eBay, he known it because the single-channel model of some other unit he owned, the dual-channel Amrel PPS-2322. Naturally, he bought it and did a examine and distinction of the two fashions.

From the outdoor, they appear slightly other however weigh about the similar. But the similarities at the inside of make it somewhat transparent that they proportion a not unusual design. There are some things that grasp your eye and the 35-2 doesn’t appear somewhat as neatly idea out, with some elements being soldered into awkward-looking puts. Capacitors bristle like barnacles the place they’re soldered at once to a connector, and a blob of scorching glue anchors two resistors that get up out of the board like a few weeds.

The hyperlink above displays some prime solution side-by-side pictures between the two fashions, and [Kerry] thoughtfully supplies a hyperlink to the handbook for the PPS collection in addition to a unload of the firmware (.zip) for the 35-2. A teardown video is embedded under.

Benchtop energy provides are necessary equipment, however we’ve additionally noticed how trendy breadboard energy provides are remarkably full-featured.