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Autonomous Air Boat vs Lake Washington

Autonomous automobiles make a standard look round right here, as does [Daniel Riley] aka [rctestflight]. His fascination with development long-endurance self reliant automobiles continues, and this time he constructed an self reliant air boat.

This craft comprises numerous the teachings learnt from his self reliant boat that used a plastic meals container. One of the largest problems was once the submerged propellers saved getting tangled in weeds. This led [Daniel] to transport his props above water, sacrificing some potency for reliability, and turning it into an air boat. The boat itself is catamaran design with separate 3-D published hulls attached through carbon fibre tubes. As with the tupperware boat, self reliant regulate is completed through the open supply Ardupilot device.

During checking out [Daniel] had every other run in together with his outdated arch-nemesis, seaweed. It seems the pointy vertical bow is a pleasing edge for weeds to hook directly to, create drag, and screw up the craft’s regulate. [Daniel]’s workaround concerned transferring the massive batteries to the rear, inflicting the bows carry virtually totally out of the water.

With an extended patience in thoughts proper from the beginning of the mission, [Daniel] put it to the check with a 13 km undertaking on Lake Washington very early one morning. For many of the undertaking the boat was once totally by itself, with [Daniel] preventing at quite a lot of issues alongside the lake shore to test on its growth. Everything went easily till 10 km into the undertaking when the telemetry confirmed it slowing down and angling off direction, and then is began getting into circles. Lucky for Daniel he was once presented a kayak through a lakeside resident, and he controlled to get well the part sunken vessel. He suspects the reason for the failure was once a slowly leaking hull. [Daniel] is already running at the subsequent model, and had been taking a look ahead to seeing what he comes up with. Check out the video after the destroy.

[Daniel]’s different tasks come with a a couple of sun powered planes, a RC flying stick and 3-D published lifting frame plane.