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British Cops Catch Shooter-Printing Villain

It’s a perennial of breathless British tabloid scare reporting that 3-D printers will unharness a tide of guns upon the streets. But in all probability it could in truth be time for Brits lock up their youngsters, as a result of London’s Metropolitan Police have introduced their first prosecution for 3-D printing a handgun. The gun pictured seems to be a Repringer 5-shot .22 revolver, and was once discovered by way of police throughout a medication raid.

The UK has considerably restrictive firearms law and taking pictures incidents are extraordinarily uncommon within the nation, so whilst this may now not carry any eyebrows at the different facet of the Atlantic it’s an especially peculiar tournament for British police. It seems that the builder was once now not the kind of libre firearms fanatic who has made the inside track with an identical paintings in the US, so it needs to be assumed that it was once published purely as a way to protected an unlawful firearm on the other hand rough-and-ready or certainly unhealthy it could be.

Stepping excluding the firearm facet of the tale, it must be of outrage for any British 3-D printer fans. As we’ve reported through the years with admire to drone incidents they may be able to every now and then throw reason why to the wind when confronted with unfamiliar generation, certainly we’ve already noticed them imagining RepRap portions to be for a firearm. We’d suggest all events to stay sane heads, and hope that each the sentence for these days’s felony proves to be an acceptable deterrent, and that no clueless idiot makes a decision to download and print every other weapon for the hell of it. As at all times, we’ll deliver you trends as they occur.