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Space-Saving Servo Tester Console Looks Space-Worthy

You know the way it is going — infrequently you simply have to forestall in the midst of a challenge and construct your self a device that hugely improves your workflow as quickly because it’s finished. [Ikkalebob] aka [Will Cogley] on YouTube is operating on some tremendous secret challenge that calls for a complete bunch of servos. And since they all need to be examined and set, he constructed this lovable servo tester as a time-saving present to himself.

This tester revolves round an Adafruit 16-channel servo driving force and an Arduino Uno. The servos display up at the display screen in teams of four, and can also be examined four at a time with the pots. The buttons let [Ikkalebob] transfer up and down between the teams. The SainSmart LCD proved to be harder to arrange than others, however [Ikkalebob] did you a forged and tweaked the library. It’s to be had in conjunction with his code and STLs.

Speaking of STLs, we in point of fact dig the mini NASA console glance and the folding enclosure. Leveraging the print procedure to construct hinges and different issues is superior, and so is getting away with the usage of fewer fasteners. You can see a bit of of ways [Ikkalebob] designed it within the video after the damage.

Depending on what you’re doing with servos, you may want a special more or less checking out suite. Here’s one that’s aimed at RC pilots.