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Copying High Security Keys With OpenSCAD And Light

The skill to replicate keys with a 3-d printer is without a doubt not anything new, however thus far we’ve simplest observed the method used in opposition to fairly low placing fruit. It’s one factor to print a key that may open a $15 Kwikset deadbolt from the ironmongery shop or a TSA-approved “lock” that’s little greater than a toy, however a high-security secret’s some other tale. The geometry of those keys is way more advanced, making them too difficult to replicate on a consumer-level printer. Or a minimum of, you’d suppose so.

Inspired by way of earlier published keys, [Tiernan] sought after to look if the ways may well be delicate to be used in opposition to excessive safety Abloy Protec locks, which can be famous for his or her resistance to conventional bodily assaults reminiscent of choosing. The ensuing STLs are, unsurprisingly, past the features of your reasonable desktop FDM printer. But with a sub-$300 USD Anycubic Photon DLP printer, it’s now conceivable to avoid those very talked-about locks non-destructively.

Of direction, those keys are a long way too intricate to replica from a unmarried image, so that you’ll want to have the bodily key in hand and decode it manually. [Tiernan] correctly leaves that step of the method out, so any individual having a look to make use of this challenge will want to have a excellent operating wisdom of the Abloy Protec gadget. Hopefully this assists in keeping unhealthy actors from doing the rest too nefarious with this analysis.

Once you’ve gotten the decoded values for the important thing you need to replicate, you simply want to supply them to the OpenSCAD library [Tiernan] has evolved and print the ensuing STL to your sufficiently high-resolution printer. Generally talking, the portions produced by way of resin-based printing have a excessive tensile power however are very brittle, so possibly now not the type of factor you need to stay on your pricey Abloy lock. That stated, there are some “Tough Resin” formulations to be had now which produce portions which can be a minimum of as robust as the ones made with thermoplastics. So whilst the broadcast keys may not be robust sufficient for day by day use, they’ll without a doubt paintings in a pinch.