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Silicone Injector Gives Parts Production a Shot within the Arm

Many folks are glad to spend hours cooking up an answer that saves us seconds, if luck way by no means having to do a hated process once more. [frankensteinhadason] molds sufficient silicone portions that he grew bored with all of the guide exertions concerned, so he constructed a silicone injector to do it for him. Now, all he has to do is push the care for in notch by way of notch, till silicone begins oozing from the vent holes within the mildew.

The mildew pictured above is designed to make little shrouds for helicopter communications connections like this one. His buddies within the trade like them such a lot that he determined to promote them, and had to scale up manufacturing consequently. Now he could make six directly.

He designed brackets to carry a couple of syringes facet by way of facet in opposition to a backplane. There’s a lever that pushes each plungers concurrently, and adapters that stay the tubing secured to the syringe nozzles. Ejected two-part silicone travels right down to a double-barrel blending nozzle, which extrudes silicone into the highest of the mould.

Naturally, we have been going to signify automating the lever operation, however [frankensteinhadason] is already scheming to try this with steppers and an Arduino. Right now he’s running on expanding the hose diameter for sooner float, which is able to imply adjustments to the adapter. Once this is taken care of, he plans to put up the STLs and a video of it pumping silicone.

Ever thought of doing the opposite, and the usage of silicone to mildew sizzling plastic? Yeah, that’s a factor.

Via r/functionalprint