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Filament Dust Filter Helps Keep Your Print Quality High

If we’re fair, our workshop isn’t as blank because it most probably will have to be, and most likely many manufacturers in the market will say the similar. This could have knock-on results, akin to iron filings clogging motors, or on this case, mud affecting the standard of 3-D prints. Aiming to take on this, [3Demon] constructed a amusing Spongebob-themed mud clear out for his or her 3-D printer.

The clear out works in a easy approach. The Spongebob shell is 3-D published in two halves, with a hinge becoming a member of each portions. Inside every part, a piece of sponge is caught within. The two halves are then closed with a snap are compatible, with the filament passing via a hollow in Spongebob’s head and out during the (sq.) pants. With the sponge packed in great and tight, mud is wiped from the filament because it feeds via bob to the printer.

While it’s necessary to put in moderately to steer clear of filament feed problems, it’s a very easy solution to mechanically blank filament throughout the printing procedure. You could also be stunned simply how grimy your filament will get after sitting at the shelf for a couple of months. Getting rid of such contamination decreases the chance of exasperating issues like delaminations and jams. Avid printers might also need to believe making their very own filament, too. Happy printing!