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SiCK Mechanical Keyboard is 3-d Printed

We’ve spotted a rash of builds of [ FedorSosnin’s] homemade 3-d-printed mechanical keyboard, SiCK-68 in recent years. The price is lovely low — SiCK stands for Super, Inexpensive, Cheap, Keyboard. According to the invoice of fabrics, the unique price about $50. Of direction, that doesn’t come with the price of the 3-d printer and soldering tools, however who doesn’t have all that already?

The brains at the back of it is a Teensy that scans the hand-wired key matrix. So the one electronics listed below are the switches, every with a spouse diode, and the Teensy. The EasyAVR tool does the entire logical paintings each as firmware and a configuration GUI.

If you take a look at the numerous other builds, every has its personal persona. Yet they give the impression of being overwhelmingly skilled — like one thing chances are you’ll purchase at a shop. This is the type of mission that may were extraordinarily tough to tug off a decade in the past. You may construct the keyboard, after all, however making it appear to be a completed product used to be past maximum folks except we had been prepared to make sufficient copies to justify having particular tooling made to mould the instances.

PCBs are affordable now and we’d be tempted to make use of one right here. There are rather a couple of strategies for the use of a 3-d printer to create a board, in order that could be an alternative choice. The hand wiring turns out adore it could be a drag, even if manageable. If you want wiring inspiration, we will assist.

For final geek cred, mix this with Ploopy.