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Building A UV Curing Station For Resin Prints

Resin printers have so much going for them – in particular with regard to high quality floor finishes and superb replica of ins and outs. However, the overwhelming majority depend on UV mild to remedy prints. [douwe1230] have been the use of a resin printer for some time, and grew bored with having to look forward to sunny days to remedy portions out of doors. Thus, it used to be time to construct a compact UV curing station to get the task executed.

The construct is composed of a sequence of laser-cut panels, assembled right into a field one would presume is big sufficient to check the construct quantity of [douwe1230’s] printer.  UV LED strips are put in within the corners to supply various mild, and acrylic mirrors are put on all of the partitions. The use of mirrors is essential to flippantly lighting fixtures the portions, serving to to cut back the chance of any shadows or lifeless spots preventing a part of the print from curing totally. In the bottom, a motor is put in with a turntable to slowly spin the phase throughout curing.

[Douwe1230] notes that portions take round about 10 mins to remedy with this setup, and recommends a turn midway thru to verify the phase is cured great and flippantly. We’ve observed different an identical DIY builds too, like this one created out of a tool geared toward nail salons. If you’re suffering with curing out of doors, with the elements beginning to flip, this would possibly simply be the time to get construction!