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Building a 3-D Scanner with a 3-D Printer

Using a 3-D printer to make top quality portions is a good way to strengthen the glance and attraction of any undertaking. If you wish to have to duplicate one thing precisely, despite the fact that, you’ll want both an excellent set of calipers and a large number of time or a 3-D scanner. Using the 3-D scanner and the 3-D printer move alongside really well in combination, particularly in case you use your 3-D printer to construct your 3-D scanner too.

This undertaking involves us from [Vojislav] who spent the previous two years perfecting this 3-D scanner. Using an infinite array of 3-D published portions, this construct seems to be skilled on each degree. It additionally boasts a Raspberry Pi Zero and a fleet of digicam modules, to not point out its personal LED lighting fixtures. [Vojislav] has equipped the printer information and the tool had to run it at the undertaking web page. It all runs thru command line and python code, however that shouldn’t be a large hurdle.

While there is not any video of it in motion, it kind of feels like the entire portions are there for a forged 3-D scanner, equipped you’ve gotten get admission to to a 3-D printer that may churn out the portions you’ll want. If you want one thing better, there are every other choices to be had as neatly that in reality take your photogrammetry abilities to the following degree.