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DIY Ribbon Controller For A DIY Synth

There’s more or less a distinct pleasure in making tools, regardless of how easy or complicated they’re. Even if it’s a straight-up noisemaker, that’s noise you’ll be able to be happy with. And but even so, noise plus rhythm equals song.

Whenever you’re in a position to have some next-level amusing, check out making controllers to your DIY tools. Synthesizers of all stripes are steadily managed with more than a few varieties of potentiometers. While it could no doubt be a fascinating workout to make your individual usual twist-style potentiometer, [lonesoulsurfer] presentations that creating a ribbon controller is fairly simple.

A ribbon controller is largely a deconstructed potentiometer that makes use of your finger to actuate the wiper. Here the wiper is made out of Velostat, a amusing, low cost conductive subject material that’s additionally pressure-sensitive. The remainder of the ribbon controller is a sandwich of skinny copper plates and non-conductive plastic fastened on a wooden base.

But what’s a amusing controller and not using a amusing tool to keep an eye on? As a distinct bonus, [lonesoulsurfer] made a bit of sq. wave-squirting synth in keeping with the 4046 hex inverter and integrated the schematic for it. Slide your finger previous the smash to test ’em each out.

Depending on what you have got mendacity round, it can be more straightforward to make analog tools like this rubber band boinger or its nation cousin, the wheelbarrow bass.

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