Next-Gen H.266 Codec Will Offer Improved Video Compression, Reduced Data Requirement on iOS

Today Fraunhofer HHI has introduced the successor to H.265 HEVC codec. The newest Versatile Video Coding is known as H.266 and is anticipated to extend video seize high quality on iOS whilst very much lowering the information requirement.

iPhone makes use of H.265 to seize high-resolution video with the Camera App. The new compression same old reduces the garage required for shooting video with out affecting the standard. While the use of H.265 same old, a 90-minute 4K UHD video would wish an area of just about 10GB, alternatively, the similar video will simplest want 5GB of area for a similar video. In different phrases, it is possible for you to to seize longer movies with no need to extend the cupboard space to your tool.

The adoption of H.265 was once significantly gradual and it will take a little time for H.266 adoption to extend. On a comparable observe, the H.264 continues to be extensively in use even supposing H.265 was once introduced long ago in 2020. That mentioned, the ever-increasing media intake and shopper desire tilting against 4K and UHD video, the H.266 may see a quicker adoption charge. Typically, HEVC is needed for shooting 4K video, gradual movement video, and movies at 60fps.

Previously, Apple has taken a few years ahead of providing fortify for HEVC. Only just lately, graphic playing cards have began HEVC {hardware} acceleration. The final analysis is that it’s going to take nonetheless take 3-4 years for H.266 to transform extensively used.

Our Take

The newest H.266 codec involves the rescue of those that love shooting high-resolution movies on iOS units. Once Apple proclaims fortify for the H.266 codec, iOS customers will be capable to seize two times as a lot video with no need to add to the cloud or purchase a brand new iPhone with extra garage.

[by the use of Fraunhofer HHI]