AMD Advertises Ryzen Pro As Capable Of Hitting 5GHz Clock Speeds

AMD lately settled a false commercial lawsuit with Bulldozer however seems like they could have made a advertising and marketing booboo once more (jokes apart, this it will be sorted earlier than it will possibly do any injury) as the corporate advertises Ryzen PRO as able to hitting 5GHz clock speeds. As we all know (and as AMD’s reputable site confirms) this isn’t the case and until you’re the usage of LN2, you’ll no longer get 5GHz out of the field with the Ryzen PRO processors. I’m really not completely positive how this were given previous criminal as they’re in most cases beautiful vigilant about these items however I’ve reached out to the corporate and am recently looking ahead to a reaction.

AMD claims Ryzen PRO can hit 5GHz clock speeds in YouTube promo

The promo in query can also be discovered on AMD’s reputable YouTube web page and presentations 5GHz clock speeds on the 1:34 timestamp. Making an allowance for Ryzen PRO can not hit 5GHz turbo (even on a unmarried core foundation) with out the usage of LN2, that is one thing that might almost certainly be thought to be false commercial. Even if optimistically, AMD would be capable of take this video down once imaginable. The whole video (which may had been taken down by the point this text is going are living) can also be discovered under:

[embedded content]

To position this into viewpoint, AMD’s reputable reviewer’s information lists the perfect all core clock price as 4.3 GHz. Reviewers have reported that the strong all core clock price is in truth 4.05 GHz which is what the item remains on for prolonged a lot with good enough cooling. What almost certainly took place this is that the selling division used inventory animations for the clock speeds and forgot to tweak them in keeping with the specifications of the Ryzen PRO.

It is a relatively brief publish taking into account there isn’t a lot upload to it and used to be simply one thing humorous so that is going to be all other folks. Let us know what you call to mind AMD’s booboo?

What do you call to mind AMD’s 5GHz booboo?

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