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Run Java On An Amiga

In the fashionable global, we take sure gear as a right. High-level programming languages akin to C or Python haven’t been round that lengthy within the grand scheme of items, and Java has best existed for the reason that ’90s. Getting those gear running on machines that predate them is extra of a problem than the rest, and [Michael Kohn] used to be greater than keen to take on this one. He lately were given Java working on a Commodore Amiga.

The Amgia predates Java itself through nearly a decade, so this procedure wasn’t precisely easy. The platform has quite a lot of coprocessors that have been novel for his or her time however aren’t as common now, caring for such duties akin to graphics, sound, and reminiscence dealing with. Any psoftware working at the Amiga must be in a specifically formatted program as neatly, in order that had to be looked after, even loading Java at the laptop within the first position took some particular paintings the use of a null modem cable somewhat than the floppy disk an Amiga would have used again within the day.

Loading Java on an vintage Amiga is definitely a badge of honor, however [Michael] isn’t a stranger to Java and the Motorola 68000s present in Amigas. There’s a 68000 within the Sega Genesis as neatly, and we’ve noticed how [Michael] used to be ready to run Java on that too.