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Awakening A Dragon From Its Slumber

For all of the retrocomputing a laugh and video games we stumble upon in our group, there are a couple of vintage microcomputers that hardly obtain any consideration. Usually it’s because they didn’t promote neatly and now not many have survived, or had been merely underwhelming machines that haven’t accumulated an enormous following as of late. One that arguably falls inside of each camps is the Dragon 32, a system best possible recognized in the ones pre-Raspberry Pi days for being the one domestic laptop manufactured in Wales, and for being just about suitable with the Tandy Color Computer because of each machines’ designs coming from the similar Motorola information sheet. Repeat restorer of retrocomputers, [Drygol], has given a Dragon 32 the whole recovery and improve remedy, providing us an extraordinary likelihood to check out this laptop.

The Dragon arrived with a pile of modern books and device, however no energy provide. An important amendment used to be made to the inner PSU board then to permit it to paintings with an Amiga unit, and the black-on-green Dragon textual content got here up at the TV display screen. Recapping and a substitute for a misguided op-amp mounted deficient video high quality, then it used to be time for a 64Ok reminiscence improve with some smartly accomplished bodge-wiring. Finally there’s a restore to the very period-looking analogue joystick, and a home-made interface for the extra not unusual Atari/Amiga taste sticks.

The Dragon is also just a footnote within the historical past of 8-bit domestic computing, however with its just right expandability and first rate high quality keyboard it most likely deserved to achieve extra houses than it did. This seems to be the primary time a Dragon has featured right here, regardless that its Tandy CoCo cousin has made it into a couple of tales.