How to Fix Canon Pixma iP1500 error Waste Ink Absorber Full

Operator Call Error (LED Blinking in Orange)
LED blinking: 8 instances

Error: Waste ink absorber complete or platen waste ink absorber complete caution (approx. 95% of the utmost capability)

Corrective motion: Pressing the Resume/Cancel button will go out the mistake, and permit printing.

Service Call Error (LED Blinking in Orange and Green Alternately)

LED blinking: 7 instances
Error: Waste ink absorber complete or platen waste ink absorber complete
Solution: Reset the printer

Reset Canon Pixma iP1500 error Ink Absorber Full

  • To reset error Waste ink absorber complete, use GeneralTool for T3164 model 1.18
  • Download General Tool v1.18 (give a boost to Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Extract report and open GeneralTool
  • Load paper A4 or Letter

How to Reset Canon Pixma iP1500 with General Tool v.1.18

  • Select the attached USB port quantity from USB PORT (1)
  • Select TEST PATTERN 1 (2), and the cargo inspection development 1 might be published.
  • In SET DESTINATION (3), make a selection the acceptable type title.“iP1500J” for Japan type, “iP1500E” for non-Japan fashions.
  • Click DEVICE ID (4), and make sure the type title indicated within the (5) house (iP_1500 for iP1500J, iP1500 for iP1550E). Or, verify the type title at the cargo inspection development printout.
  • After marking the EEPROM CLEAR (6) checkbox, carry out the cargo inspection development printing. The EEPROM might be reset.
  • In CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER (7), make a selection MAIN or PLATEN. The decided on waste ink counter might be reset. MAIN resets the principle waste ink counter. PLATEN resets the platen waste ink counter.
  • Click EEP-ROM INFORMATION (8). The EEP-ROM INFORMATION conversation field will open to show EEPROM data main points.
  • Close conversation field, shut GeneralTool, Finish.

Download General Tool v1.18

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