The Switch Lite is getting an authentic duvet accent

The Switch Lite is getting an official cover accessory screenshot

Over the previous few weeks, I’ve ended up the usage of my Switch Lite rather a little.

Whether it is loading it up with indies that I shouldn’t have on my common Switch or a couple of AAA video games and shifting saves between them, I actually adore the portability and light-weight design of the Lite (it is usually my in-bed “only a few suits ahead of sleep” Overwatch system). Nintendo is making that design a little extra multifaceted quickly, supplied you may have the money for the add-on part.

Yep, it is an authentic Switch Lite turn duvet, which is occurring sale on December 8 along of a display protector. According to the writer it is being offered “completely on-line” on Nintendo’s site and “make a choice retail internet sites,” and can run you $39.99. Don’t be expecting it to be a Christmas present: it is going on sale in December, however if truth be told arrives in “early 2020.”

Like maximum Nintendo {hardware} that has a super-limited buying association, it will most likely be a collector’s relic someday in 2021. If I do finally end up getting one, after my time with the Switch Lite is finished years from now it will move subsequent to the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer Accessory.

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