The Vita is shambling at the side of a brand new 3.73 firmware replace: Can we simply take into accout how nice the Vita was once in combination?

The Vita is shambling along with a new 3.73 firmware update: Can we just remember how great the Vita was together? screenshot

I’m all out of beer. I’ve poured out my whole stash for the Wii U and Vita for the previous few years, and in 2020, I began to preemptively pour some out for the 3DS. I want to hire a keg!

Who am I kidding: I like the ones three methods such a lot (three of my favourite handhelds, Wii U integrated, of all time) that I’ll by no means forestall pouring one out for them. Maybe one day I’ll lend a hand give a contribution to a sport preservation initiative and stay their reminiscence going? A person can dream.

Anyway, the Vita simply were given a brand new firmware replace this week: 3.73. It necessarily does not anything apart from possibly thwart homebrewers, because the professional firmware notes are: “This machine device replace improves machine efficiency.” But there may be not anything in reality to reinforce, as a result of Sony nixed the Vita a number of years in the past by way of killing off first-party sport manufacturing, then killed it for 3rd events by way of placing the kibosh on bodily cart manufacturing.

While studios like Atlus had been protecting the Vita (and its beautiful OLED display) alive, it really is not viable anymore, and Shakedown: Hawaii is formally one of the ultimate new Vita releases. We may communicate all day about how Sony doomed the machine from the beginning in spite of the good tech and droves of enhance from 3rd events, however let’s simply bring it to mind in combination in peace, we could?

I’ll pass first: Favorite Vita sport? Mine is most certainly Gravity Rush. A machine dealer if I’ve ever noticed one!

3.73 [PlayStation] Thanks Adam!