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Did Hobos Actually Have a Secret Code?

Over the years the theory of a “hobo code” has taken on a bigger than lifestyles presence in the preferred creativeness. Even again within the early 20th century, newspapers had been writing in regards to the mysteries of the pictographic language. But did it even exist?

Over at Vox they dug into the historical past of the hobo code, studying supply subject material and consulting with mavens within the box. For the unfamiliar, the “hobo code” used to be a symbol-based written language utilized by hobos—itinerate employees or wanderers who illegally used the railway device as a countrywide shipping community—to allegedly depart messages for different hobos, equivalent to telling them to be cautious of a heavy police presence or {that a} specific house housed an individual keen to feed them.

Their video gives a captivating have a look at the closely mythologized historical past of the hobo code: