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ESP8266 Unlocks Hidden Features In Sound Bar

It’s no secret that the {hardware} units we purchase are steadily extra succesful than their producer leads on. Features hidden in the back of firmware locks are a not unusual trick, because it lets in corporations to promote the similar piece of substances as a unique fashion by way of turning off sure functions. Luckily for us, these kinds of arbitrary boundaries are steadily simple to bypass.

As a really perfect instance, [Acuario] just lately found out that the LG SJ2 sound bar has reasonably a couple of options that aren’t marketed at the field. Whether it’s because of greed or simply laziness, it seems LG isn’t the usage of most of the functions presented by way of the ESMT AD83586B IC within the amplifier. The chip will get its configuration by means of I2C, so due to the addition of an ESP8266, the expanded functions can now be simply enabled thru a internet interface.

[Acuario] has already came upon the way to activate such things as simulated encompass sound, or per-channel quantity controls; all purposes which aren’t even uncovered throughout the customary controls at the sound bar. But it is going deeper than that. The LG SJ2 is a 2.1 channel machine, with a wi-fi speaker offering the fitting and left channels. But the AD83586B within the subwoofer is in fact in a position to riding two in the neighborhood hooked up audio system, despite the fact that you clearly want to perform a little rewiring.

There are nonetheless much more functions to free up, despite the fact that [Acuario] is these days suffering with some incomplete documentation. The datasheet says there’s beef up for user-defined equalizer settings, however no examples are given for the way to in fact do it. If any individual’s were given a selected affinity for those kind of amplifier chips, now may well be your time to polish.

For hackers, there’s possibly no higher instance of feature-locked merchandise than Rigol’s line of oscilloscopes. From the 2000 sequence of scopes in 2020 as much as their higher-end MSO5000 simply ultimate yr, there’s an extended historical past of unlocking hidden options on those well-liked equipment.