How to Fix the “Cannot Load ‘twrp.img’: No Such File or Directory” Error?

Installing TWRP onto a smartphone or pill most often calls for you to make use of a Fastboot command to overwrite your present restoration device. Some other folks have bother with the Command Prompt and in flip finally end up getting a can not load twrp.img error, or being instructed there’s no such report or listing. But there’s a strategy to repair it.

The reason any person is getting this explicit error has to do with the ultimate a part of the Fastboot command. So, for instance, a standard command to put in a Custom Recovery (TWRP on this case) onto an Android tool looks as if this: fastboot flash restoration twrp.img. We can smash this command down to look what it’s in reality doing. . .

  • Fastboot – this initiates the Fastboot.exe report which is the report doing the entire paintings
  • Flash – this tells the Fastboot.exe report we need to set up one thing onto the hooked up tool
  • Recovery – this tells the Fastboot.exe report that once we set up one thing, we’re putting in it onto the restoration partition
  • TWRP.img – this tells the Fastboot.exe report what we need to set up onto the hooked up tool

So what the “can not load ‘twrp.img’: No such report or listing” error is telling us is what it regarded for the twrp.img report within the present listing (which will have to be the place your ADB and Fastboot equipment are put in) and couldn’t to find it. There are a couple of techniques it will occur however 9 occasions out of 10 it has to do with the report trail of the twrp.img report.

Some other folks fail to remember to rename the report to twrp.img. Others would possibly fail to remember to position it within the ADB and Fastboot equipment folder. They will also have two other installs of ADB and Fastboot equipment through the years. There are many causes however we will be able to do away with any report trail similar problems by means of doing the next.

Time wanted: 3 mins.

How to Fix the Fastboot Error No Such File or Directory

  1. Drag and drop the twrp.img report into the Command Prompt as an alternative of typing out the filename

    Watch the video under to turn the way it’s completed.

I gained a remark the opposite day from any person who used to be receiving this precise error. Again, the one reason this mistake would arise is said to the report trail of the twrp.img symbol. There are such a lot of techniques it will get blended up when looking to execute that Fastboot command however the advice above will have to steer clear of all of that.

It could be a bit tricky to give an explanation for over textual content so you might need to see me do it by way of the video.

Instead of typing out that twrp.img a part of the Fastboot command, we’re going to go away it open-ended proper prior to the report. So as an alternative of the typed out command being fastboot flash restoration twrp.img, we’re simply going to kind out “fastboot flash restoration “.

You’ll need to make notice of the additional house I left after the phrase “restoration”.

That is essential as a result of we’d like an area after the phrase restoration and prior to the report trail of the twrp.img symbol. If now not, we finally end up with a command that appears like fastboot flash recoveryE:ImagesXiaomiRedmi-Note-6-Protwrp.img. To the Fastboot.exe report, this command messes up the syntax.

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