root | Rarely Adjusted Slicer Setting Makes a Difference

When you 3-d print one thing, you most likely modify the layer peak in accordance with your required print high quality. Speed is every other parameter that many of us modify. But what about extrusion width? The parameter is there, however the general public depart it on the defaults. [Stephan] puzzled about it, and after working some assessments, made a video you’ll be able to see under seeking to decide if it affected energy and print high quality.

The assessments have been lovely simple. Some Benchys and different check items at each and every environment have been seen and — in some circumstances — destroyed. He ranged the width from 90% to 250% of a 0.4mm nozzle. Important to notice, his effects are from a nozzle that has a flat lip across the aperture. If yours does not seem like that, you are going to see other effects.

Until he went to 140%, the illusion of the Benchy check print seemed excellent. Once he were given upper than 140%, there have been print artifacts. Strength checking out displays that upper widths in truth have been more potent to some degree. In addition to a check piece, he additionally revealed some sensible hooks to look how a lot they might dangle with other shell and infill parameters.

This video is a part of a chain the place he examines the energy of portions in accordance with other parameters. Well price trying out. Everyone desires more potent portions. Some upload espresso to PLA, others make a selection metal.

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