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Geek Trivia: The First State to Adopt an Official State Dinosaur Was?

An artist's rendering of a StegosaurusNobu Tamura/Wikimedia

Answer: Colorado

The states that contain the United States love legit issues: plant life, bushes, birds, and animals are all commonplace formally declared pieces. Dinosaurs despite the fact that? That’s lovely distinctive. Among all of the U.S. states, simplest twelve states and the District of Columbia have declared a state dinosaur.

The first state to take action used to be Colorado long ago in 1982 (which might turn out to be just about a decade prior to the fashion, then again small, stuck on). Which dinosaur did they make a selection? The Stegosaurus, naturally. Colorado is house to a large number of dinosaur fossils, a countrywide park devoted to fossils and dinosaur historical past, and the primary Stegosaurus skeleton used to be discovered and extracted from the bottom close to Morrison, Colorado again in 1877.