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Review: Aegis Fortress L3 Portable SSD – Forbes

Data safety has all the time been a subject, however we’re more than likely extra acutely aware of it now than ever. From ransomware to debates over end-to-end encryption, the power of alternative events to get admission to your knowledge has been within the highlight. Moving delicate knowledge from location to location will also be particularly problematic. The final resolution for protecting knowledge completely safe and locked down when shifting it from one PC to any other, one location to any other, or storing it as a backup, is with a conveyable force. That approach, it by no means touches a server. And transportable garage doesn’t get a lot more safe than the Aegis Fortress L3 Portable SSD from Apricorn, that includes hardware-based encryption.

Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 drive review

Aegis Fortress L3 could also be ultra-secure, however additionally it is ultra-portable.

Brad Moon

Initial Impression and Setup

California-based Apricorn has been enthusiastic about hardware-based knowledge safety since 1983. By eliminating application from the equation, the corporate’s garage gadgets do away with the potential for software-based assaults.

The focal point on safety is clear proper from the purpose of unboxing. The field notes that the force inside of is each designed and assembled in the United States — minimizing the chance {that a} backdoor may had been added in a distant manufacturing facility. The field is secured with a tamper-resistant safety seal. Inside is the force itself, in conjunction with a conveyable wearing case, and a couple of cables (USB-C and USB-A).

Apricon Aegis Fortress L3 drive unboxing

Even the field is safe…

Brad Moon

The Aegis Fortress L3 transportable SSD is a compact (3 x 4.8 x 0.7-inches) software, with a reassuring heft to it. The case is milled from a cast bite of aluminum alloy, and if feels as despite the fact that it will live on being run over via a truck. On one finish is the Micro B USB 3.0 port, and at the best is a keypad.

The preliminary setup was once very easy. There is not any default PIN arrange on the manufacturing facility (any other safety measure). Instead, the landlord creates their very own Admin PIN with at least seven digits. From there, the force will also be fixed on a PC (the liberate icon will glow inexperienced). Additional consumer PINs will also be created. As a Mac consumer, I additionally needed to structure the force because it comes pre-formatted for Windows the usage of NTFS. In all, the setup took simply a number of mins and the directions supplied within the field had been crystal transparent.

Once arrange, the Aegis Fortress L3 acts as another transportable SSD, with the exception of you’ll be able to’t get admission to the information on it with out the PIN. 

Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 drive review

The Aegis Fortress L3 features a wearing case, and it has a rugged design that makes it resistant … [+] to difficult stipulations when being carried.

Brad Moon

Key Security Features and Specs

Apricorn supplies a long record of security measures and specs for the Aegis Fortress L3 Portable SSD. I’ve indexed one of the vital key issues, however for the excellent record, you must take a look at the product web page at the corporate’s site.

  • SSD most knowledge switch fee 350 MB/s
  • 256-bit AES {hardware} encryption
  • Brute pressure coverage towards invalid PIN access will delete encryption key
  • Self-destruct PIN
  • Unattended auto-lock 
  • Polymer-coated and wear-resistant membrane keyboard  
  • Aluminum alloy case sealed with tamper-resistant, breakaway safety fasteners cemented in position with hardened epoxy
  • Shock and vibration resistant, mud and waterproof
  • Operating temperature vary -40°F to 158°F
  • 3 yr restricted guaranty

I’m under no circumstances certified to Mod right into a safe force. I will be able to say that I used to be not able to mount the force on any of my methods with out accurately getting into the PIN. Examining the force, I couldn’t to find any option to bodily destroy open the case, regardless of substantial revel in in repairing computer systems and equipment. I may see fasteners within the corners keeping the two halves of the case in combination, however they used an unfamiliar head development, and seemed to be throughly covered in expoxy. That’s all amateur-hour, however I sought after to no less than check out…

Recently validated to satisfy NIST FIPS 140 requirements, this force exceeds the U.S. govt’s requirements for IT and pc knowledge safety. And in case you are intercepted and compelled to liberate the force? You can input a self-destruct PIN. This crypto-erases all knowledge at the force, however turns into a brand new legitimate get admission to PIN — the force is totally practical, however there’s no knowledge on it…

Available in a Variety of Capacities and as HDD

Solid state garage stays dearer than a standard onerous disk force (HDD), particularly at upper capacities. The Aegis Fortress L3 is to be had in a variety of SSD capacities, from 512GB to 16TB. If you’re no longer wearing round years value of information and no longer having to retailer huge multimedia information, you’ll be able to make a selection a decrease capability to retain SSD pace with minimum expense — as an example, the 512GB Aegis Fortress L3 Portable SSD is going for $359. 

To make safe knowledge garage much more inexpensive, Aegis additionally provides the Fortress L3 with conventional HDD garage. Data switch speeds are slower than SSD, however all the security measures are similar. And costs vary from $239 for 500GB of garage to $499 for a 5TB Aegis Fortress L3 Portable HDD. 

Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 drive review

Without that inexperienced gentle, there is no approach you’ll be able to get admission to the information in this force.

Brad Moon


If you want to stay knowledge completely protected from prying eyes — even if being bodily moved between places — a safe transportable force is find out how to move. Apricorn’s Aegis Fortress L3 Portable SSD is an choice that are meant to be for your radar. Its compact, rugged, speedy, and hardware-based 256-Bit AES XTS encryption guarantees knowledge is all the time locked down and not possible to get admission to with out your permission.

Disclosure: Apricorn supplied an Aegis Fortress L3 force for analysis however had no enter into this assessment.