Microsoft introduced “floppy” to 75.6 GB, which isn’t afraid of fireplace and microwave

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The corporate Microsoft introduced Project Silica. Under this identify hides the tool for an ultra-durable information garage in chilly prerequisites. And at the bodily parameters of the brand new tool is a clear sq. with a work of glass the dimensions of 75х75х2 mm. The optical sq. can accommodate media of 75.6 GB. In a traditional optical disk data is recorded as etched and no longer etched observe space that could be a one or a nil. In the brand new tool data is encoded, complete or deformed nanoresearch in quartz glass. The laser creates pressure at other depths of the glass, and is encoded data. The sturdiness of standard disks said in 100-200 years, and they’re very fragile, frightened of adjustments in temperature and microwave radiation. Quartz squares additionally immune to boiling, baking within the fuel oven and microwave magnetic fields.
The new machine gives a competent surroundings for chilly (with out fast) get entry to to long-term garage of vital information. The corporate hopes to draw the cooperation of the army, to maintain their archives.
Microsoft Azure used to be in a position to effectively save and browse the movie from Warner Bros “Superman” on a confirmed idea pattern fabricated from quartz glass. The corporate will paintings with Warner Bros, to sooner or later to replicate an enormous library of flicks on new media.