Machine finding out meets African agriculture

In 2020, a crop-destroying caterpillar, Fall Armyworm (FAW) used to be first detected in Africa. The crop pest has since devastated agriculture via infecting hundreds of thousands of corn fields, which threatens meals safety at the continent. Farmers who depend on harvests for meals wish to struggle the pest, which has now unfold to India and China.

That’s the place Nazirini Siraji is available in. She is one of a number of builders operating to supply farmers with new gear to battle FAW. After codelabs hosted via a Google developer workforce in Mbale, Uganda, she created the “Farmers Companion App” the usage of TensorFlow, Google’s open-source system finding out platform. It’s a unfastened app that identifies when a crop has FAW and which degree the trojan horse is in its lifecycle (and subsequently how threatening it’s and the way a ways it’s prone to unfold). It additionally advises on which insecticides or remedies are absolute best to forestall the trojan horse spreading any more. The app is already operating within the box, serving to farmers round Mbale to spot FAW. 

They proceed to strengthen the app so it may establish extra pests and sicknesses. Nazirini displays the have an effect on that builders will have on agricultural problems like FAW and throughout different sectors, too. We visited Nazirini and her workforce this yr, here is extra about their tale:

Nazirini’s tale – the usage of system finding out to take on crop illness

Learn extra about how others are the usage of TensorFlow to resolve a wide variety of issues.

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