AI War 2 Update v1.006-PLAZA

AI War 2 is a grand technique/RTS hybrid towards a galaxy that has already been conquered via rogue synthetic intelligence. It’s additionally “a sequel to [Arcen’s] enormo-space RTS AI War, which we known as ‘one of this 12 months’s greatest technique video games’ again in 2009″ (Tom Sykes, PC Gamer)

The maximum devious and acclaimed synthetic intelligence in technique gaming returns… with a bunch of mutual enemies.

Face off towards a extra complex model of the unique AI, who as soon as once more has captured all the galaxy leaving you just a tiny planet to your self. Then strike out and have the option to cleverly outwit it nevertheless. All the brand new capturables, better fleets, and hacking talents are certain to assist. (You’re going to want it.)

Or immerse your self in a much more sophisticated galactic battle involving the nanocaust, macrophages, dyson spheres, and extra. Other factions each and every have their very own objectives, regulations, devices, and fully distinctive economies. Make the situation sophisticated sufficient and it could turn out to be “World War XV is in growth, you’re in a tiny farm in the course of it, no one likes you, but when you’ll simply kill that one massive offended enemy chief this may increasingly all be over.”

If that sounds excessive — and admittedly that bit is wearying to us to consider even supposing some other folks search it out — then take a spoil and possibly Mod the all-consuming pc virus to be your best friend, and persuade the star-sized alien hives to look at your again as you are taking on a suddenly-less-arrogant AI.

(If you’re in reality feeling spiteful, take your self out of the equation, activate tremendous speedy ahead, and watch all of them combat like ants on a galactic scale.)

Modernized and supercharged.

It’s been ten years for the reason that authentic AI War introduced, and the gaming global has modified so much — as has the to be had computing energy on any instrument you’re the usage of to learn this. We’ve pulled out all of the stops to construct foes extra ambitious and clever than sooner than, and to create simulations of loads of 1000’s of devices operating at 120fps in numerous circumstances. You can accelerate and decelerate the simulation with none additional load to your CPU, and pause at will.

The interface respects your time via automating issues that you’d do the similar 95% of the time anyway. For that different 5% there are certainly complex options corresponding to putting secret agent nanites, tweaking or disabling the foundations of automation, or redesigning your fleet compositions up to you need.

Streamlined, but deeper.

Sometimes when a sequel says it’s “streamlined,” it could in reality imply “dumbed down.” And there are certainly fewer tiny alternatives to be made in some spaces right here: you don’t must come to a decision wash each and every dish; you may have a dishwasher. And it’s a excellent factor you do, to be fair, since the rabbit hollow of advanced and confounding situations is going as deep as you need it to.

All the ones bits the place you are making the attention-grabbing strategic selections? Those bits are more difficult than ever, and you’ll’t fall again on outdated uninteresting conduct to litter thru. You want your consideration loose to look ahead to, to plot, to dream… after which throw the ones all apart and determine it out via the seat of your pants when the whole thing is going sideways.

There’s an excessive amount of to memorize (however tooltips are all the time proper there, anyway), and there’s all the time an unfamiliar part. Clicking speedy received’t mean you can. To win the AI War, you’ll must improvise, adapt, and use your wits.

As it must be.

How About Some Highlights?

  • Many not obligatory factions, each and every with their very own objectives and methods, create a residing galaxy.
  • A brand new Fleets device will provide you with much more ships than sooner than, and lets you customise your empire greater than ever.
  • A ton of map varieties, and with numerous sub-options to lead them to much more numerous.
  • Outguard to rent, factions to best friend with, and oodles of objectives to seize or Mod –with the AI or extraterrestrial beings.
  • Warden, Hunter, and Praetorian Guard sub-fleets of the AI supply for brand new demanding situations (and occasionally alternatives) in how each you and the AI engage with each and every different.
  • Crazy moddability, with many levers to be had in easily-accessible XML.

What’s New Compared To The Original?

  • More approachable gameplay, however with a rabbit hollow that is going as deep as ever.
  • More to do, when it comes to second to second gameplay and alternatives. More to search out, extra to triumph over or be conquered-by.
  • Polished gameplay mechanics, representing the whole thing realized from first sport’s six expansions (plus three years of building in this sequel).
  • Trimmed fats: repetitive uninteresting duties had been computerized or streamlined, however extra suggestions than ever had been added so that you can customise issues when you need to. Our purpose isn’t to waste your time, however all the time have an array of attention-grabbing demanding situations so that you can pursue directly.
  • Redesigned UI that will provide you with a ton of data and gear proper when you wish to have it.
  • 1.5 hours of latest track added to the 4.5 hour integrated rating from the unique sport.
  • Multithreading for contemporary efficiency, and a codebase that won’t summon an elder god (recoded from the bottom up for contemporary rigs).
  • Over 1900 traces of spoken discussion from greater than 25 actors.

AI War 2 Update v1.006-PLAZA


NOTES: No earlier replace is needed

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