Artist Pranks People by way of Leaving Life-Sized Airpods Stickers on Ground

San Francisco artist Pablo Rochat not too long ago pranked other people by way of printing out high-resolution, life-sized Airpods stickers and attaching them to the bottom in all places town. He then waited for strangers to take a look at to select them up. 


“Most other people discovered it humorous, however a couple of other people have been pissed that they were given pranked,” Rochat informed Business Insider, who’s prank used to be essentially meant to catch other people’s consideration and make them do a double-take. 

The artist had additionally shared unfastened templates of the stickers for someone needs to print their very own 2nd AirPods. Users in all places Twitter reacted with awe on the natural evil genius of Rochat’s prank.

Check out some extra footage under appearing the Airpods stickers prank in motion.