A8 2022 vibrating on Do not Disturb Mode

https://boards.iandroid.eu.com/showthread.php?t=1044117&p=7068165&viewfull=1#post7068165 (*1*) Hello.(*10*)I set DND to allow favorites numbers most effective. I’ve two of this numbers most effective, and it really works good enough. (*10*)But if DND is on, any quantity instead of favorites name me will produce a brief vibration. How am i able to do away with this ? These days 09:58 PM… Continue reading A8 2022 vibrating on Do not Disturb Mode

Phone locking itself

https://boards.iandroid.eu.com/showthread.php?t=1043770&p=7066220&viewfull=(*12*)#post7066220 (*(*12*)*)(*5*)(*8*) (*3*) I’ve an android A30 telephone and when I’m the usage of it in some events getting into any application, it begins to fasten on its own, I put the password and it locks once more and now not handiest that however it additionally continues flashing for a lapse of 5-8 seconds locking… Continue reading Phone locking itself