Assessment: Blasphemous

Blasphemous might be 2022’s gnarliest on-line recreation. Its odds are indubitably up there. Drawing direct inspiration from the usual suspects like Dark Souls and Castlevania – the gathering, I suggest, no longer merely Symphony of the Night time time – Blasphemous crafts a bleak world dominated by means of a sinister, all-encompassing spiritual fervor. Subjects of… Continue reading Assessment: Blasphemous

Assessment: Borderlands 3

(*3*) I have a complicated history with Borderlands(*2*), and I believe that may be a relatively no longer strange experience. Adequate, so it isn’t all that refined then again bear with me.(*3*) I wasn’t super into the principle game. Sue me! “Upper with buddies” is an idiom/crutch that endlessly rings true, then again even with… Continue reading Assessment: Borderlands 3