Drive broken, can not create a brand new folder?

Cannot get right of entry to shared community pressure

Personally, I wouldnt use Everyone. If any person hacks into you, they’ve complete get right of entry to to the whole lot and will demolish the whole lot to your raid. I might slightly arrange accounts and get right of entry to one at a time for each and every individual. That means, I do know who did all that injury. In the tip with just a little further paintings, I believe extra safe through the use of Authenticated Users.

If this is helping.
step 1 create non-microsoft account and with out e mail and cope with with out admin rights
step 2 proportion a pressure or folder to precise consumer account (if Everyone is indexed, take away it)
step 3 set safety > upload Authenticated Users (if greater than 1 account) or upload particular customers
step 3a take away Everyone from listing
step 3b uncheck complete regulate and write for all pieces indexed aside from SYSTEM and Admin account.
step 4 proper click on Start > Computer Management > System Tools > Shared Folders > Shares … to ensure settings and alter the rest. You too can see the selection of connections to each and every proportion right here.