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[Course] xstate: Construct Sturdy United stateswith XState

Our packages have numerous states that they may be able to be in.

We in most cases take into account “Loading” and “Successful”. If we’re having a in particular just right day, we’ll get “Error” treated as smartly.

But what about different states that our application can also be in?

Things like “Haven’t asked but” or “The request was once a hit however there isn’t any information for us to turn”.

It’s irritating to suppose you’re “executed” after which an edge case presentations up (and this cycle repeats a minimum of one extra time).

Fed up with forgetting to deal with the brink circumstances that seem when creating UIs, Isaac Mann began in search of an answer.

The solution? State machines.

In this path, Isaac will train you how you can plan and visualize your application’s states and the transitions between them throughout the advent of a React & XState powered Star Wars quiz app.