Onion Maggot Flies vs. Sticky Traps: Round 1

(*1*) We deployed six sticky traps within the onion patch straight away after planting in past due April and changed the playing cards in mid-June. The primary set of playing cards accrued a substantial selection of what resemble, to my untrained eye, onion maggot flies and the onion vegetation stay wholesome: Every symbol presentations each… Continue reading Onion Maggot Flies vs. Sticky Traps: Round 1

Laser-cut Pole Bean Ties

That is the season for erecting the buildings upon which the pole beans will climb: Lawn Bean Poles – joint element(*4*) My knot hand is susceptible, however turns out enough to the duty. Mary previously tore the strips from outdated denims / pants / no matter, which required substantial effort, produced ragged edges, and crammed… Continue reading Laser-cut Pole Bean Ties