Monthly Science: Vegetable Ice Crystals

Monthly Science: Vegetable Ice Crystals Mary made a batch of veggies in tomato sauce and iced over meal-size parts as iciness treats. The wet air throughout the bins iced over into subtle ice blades at the zucchini slices: Veggie ice crystals – assessment A better glance: Veggie ice crystals – element The blade cross-sections could be… Continue reading Monthly Science: Vegetable Ice Crystals

Obfuscated Signage

Obfuscated Signage Spotted in an arboretum: Not for Public Admittence into the Area How about excellent previous “Keep Out”? I’m no longer positive what the “don’t contact” icon is meant to imply, rather than a loss of “no access” icons. Gardening This access used to be posted on 2022-11-16, 07:29 and is filed below Oddities.… Continue reading Obfuscated Signage