Solid state of the Surface, the Laptop is 3 turns out to be very easy to change

It is very easy to use the solid state on the Surface, the Laptop, the 3 hand to replace it, on the contrary to what Microsoft says. According to a teardown from iFixit. However, it is not clear whether it will upgrade to an ssd with a higher capacity, just do it.

With the announcement of the Surface, the Laptop, the 3 highlighted to Microsoft for the ability to have the computer open, allowing easier upgrades and repairs can be carried out. In addition, the company, in the presence of a single ssd. He Later wrote to the manufacturer on the product Surface, the Laptop 3 and in the solid state by the user, it can be replaced, but only by skilled technicians who have the instructions are from Microsoft, follow these steps.

The Website iFixit has proved to a new teardown-step by step guide to the contrary, and concluded that the m2-2230-ssd, fully modular, and is easily accessible to them. At the Surface, the Laptop, the 3 to open up enough to get the two screws under the four rubber feet screws using a Torx Plus screwdriver. The topcover with it’s keyboard, only one cable is connected to the connector on the end of it is attached magnetically, instead of with the fragile clips.

In addition, iFixit notes that the topcover is also magnetic and attaches to the frame. The first is that during the teardown stood out was the ssd on the laptop – in this case, a copy of the 256GB. For more than a Torx-Plus screwdriver, it was there, then it is not necessary to use the m2-2230-ssd, loosen up. In a press release that the e-mail is sent, it is emphasized iFixit is that it is not clear if an upgrade to a bigger ssd, just like it is possible. The web site that is not likely to be tried.

Microsoft gave out earlier in the week, compared to PCWorld, to employees, Microsoft’s stores, at the moment no ssd upgrade. It is not clear why this is not happening. Also, it is not sure whether or not there is a technical reason for it, and it would also have to do with the availability of the same for the ssd’s.

Why does Microsoft claim that the user of the ssd can’t be replaced, it is not clear. Presumably, the company wants consumers to be scared to be yourself, on the ssd of their laptop and have to go to work. We use the m2 ssd’s by 30 mm at the Surface to Laptop the 3. It’s going to be BG4 solid-state drives from Toshiba, Memory for the brand is that next year is going to be as Kioxia.