InputStickUtility v2.00 (Android)

Redesigned UI: InputStickUtility was once as soon as redesigned from scratch. New interface is much more intuitive and easier to use. Primary show All very important data in one place Configuration possible choices (*4*) Safety possible choices Appropriate with Android 10: InputStickUtility is now appropriate with Android 10. Sadly this required changes that make it… Continue reading InputStickUtility v2.00 (Android)

InputStickUtility v2.00 (iOS)

Many enhancements and insect fixes: Even despite the fact that the app seems to be virtually similar to earlier unlock (v1.01), important portions of the app had been redesigned from scratch. Application is now additionally extra user-friendly, offering extra detailed error messages and conceivable answers when an issue is encountered.  Minor UI adjustments: application will… Continue reading InputStickUtility v2.00 (iOS)