(*2*) All is undoubtedly no longer neatly on the earth of Arkose. The islands are falling into chaos brought about through ‘shadow insanity’, a deadly disease of unknown beginning and dire outcome! Who can perhaps lend a hand earlier than it’s too past due? The illness has no recognized remedy and has no caution signs,… Continue reading Shadow Madness INTERNAL-FCKDRM

Happy Game v1.0.5 INTERNAL-FCKDRM

(*2*) Somewhat boy falls asleep to a terrible nightmare. Are you able to make him glad once more? – Emblem new psychedelic horror journey from the creators of Botanicula and CHUCHEL– Undergo and break out three unforgettable nightmares– Remedy deeply stressful puzzles in (now not so) fascinating environments– Maintain suspicious smiley faces and crimson bunnies–… Continue reading Happy Game v1.0.5 INTERNAL-FCKDRM