Glass 3D Printing via Laser

(*(*20*)*)(*2*) For those who haven’t spotted, diode laser engraver/cutters had been getting extra tough in recent years. [Cranktown City] was once taking part in with an Atomstack 20 watt laser and questioned if it might sinter sand into glass. His early experiments weren’t too promising, however with some paintings, he was once in a position… Continue reading Glass 3D Printing via Laser

Demonstrate Danger, Safely

Dan Maloney and I have been speaking concerning the chess robotic arm that broke a kid’s finger(*7*) all through the podcast, and it seems that we each have excessive appreciate for robotic fingers specifically. Dan had a tale of a damaged encoder wheel that result in out-of-control habits that virtually hit him, and I gained’t… Continue reading Demonstrate Danger, Safely