Model 3 doesnt sleep with new firmware atmosphere that leaves automotive unlocked whilst at house – Tesla Motors Club

TeslaFi, Stats, TeslaMate, and every other provider that polls the API for knowledge remotely have a chance of retaining your automotive wakeful.

They all want to wager when the automobile is able to sleep, and about how lengthy they want to no longer communicate to the automobile to permit it do to so. If any in their assumptions are mistaken (or develop into mistaken by the use of updates to the API or the automobile), they are able to finally end up retaining the automobile wakeful.

This can be a worm with the brand new function, however it is much more likely one thing to do with TeslaFi. TeslaFi particularly asks that Cabin Overheat Protection is disabled so they are able to inform when the automobile is able to sleep. They indicate with out this option, a temperature worth stops updating when the automobile is able to sleep. Maybe the brand new lock function helps to keep this worth going so TeslaFi cannot inform. Maybe Tesla has modified the days or behaviours. Many variables.

And the explanation the usage of greater than one provider would possibly stay the automobile wakeful is they permit the automobile to probably sleep by means of no longer speaking to it. If some other provider talks to it whilst some other is making an attempt to let it sleep, they are stepping on every different’s feet.

EDIT: As some anecdote, TeslaFi says they permit 15 mins for the automobile to sleep. We wrote one thing for our sensible replicate, and located we want to use 30 mins to present it any hope of slumbering. YMMV?