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Garden Hose Valve Wrench: Reinforced

After five gardening seasons, my easy 3-d published wrench broke:

Hose Valve Knob - fracturedHose Valve Knob – fractured

Although Jason’s remark suggesting carbon-fiber reinforcing rods didn’t steered me to put in a inventory, peculiar tune cord will have to serve the similar function:

Hose Valve Knob - cut pinsHose Valve Knob – minimize pins

The pins are 1.6 mm diameter and 20 mm lengthy, chopped off with hardened diagonal cutters. Next time, I will have to (bear in mind to) grind the ends flat.

The forged style wishes holes in suitable spots:

Hose Valve Knob - Reinforced - Slic3rHose Valve Knob – Reinforced – Slic3r

Yes, I’m going to position spherical pins in sq. holes, with out drilling the holes to the correct diameter: no epoxy, no adhesive, simply 20 mm of natural friction.

The drill press aligns the pins:

Hose Valve Knob - pin readyHose Valve Knob – pin able

And rams them about midway down:

Hose Valve Knob - pin midwayHose Valve Knob – pin halfway

Close the chuck jaws and shove them flush with the outside:

Hose Valve Knob - pins installedHose Valve Knob – pins put in

You can see the pins and their forged plastic shells throughout the wrench stem:

Hose Valve Knob - assembledHose Valve Knob – assembled

Early trying out displays the strengthened wrench works simply in addition to the former model, even on some new valves wearing other handles, with an similarly sloppy are compatible for all. No marvel: I simply poked holes within the present style and left all of the different dimensions on my own.

The OpenSCAD supply code as a GitHub Gist: