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The Taiwanese Song Taking Over American Meme Culture

Within an issue of months, an outdated Taiwanese track from the the 1984 Chinese tv sequence One Plum Blossom has cemented itself inside area of interest American meme tradition.

The theme track to the sequence, sung by means of retired Taiwanese singer and songwriter Fei Yu-Ching, is titled “Yi Jian Mei,” which interprets to “A Spray of Plum Blossoms.” While the track has been standard for many years in Chinese tradition, the track didn’t achieve the mainstream within the United States till May 2020.

“Yi Jian Mei” by means of singer Taiwanese Fei Yu-Ching.

On January 20th, 2020, a video used to be posted on Chinese video-sharing app Kuaishou by means of person @zaq13520000789 of him making a song the track “Yi Jian Mei” within the snow, in line with The guy within the video instantly stands proud because of his making a song and the original ‘egg-shape’ of his head. Zhang Aiqin, the person within the video, has even given himself the nickname Egg Brother.

In early February, the video used to be uploaded to YouTube two times, with the HD model posted on February 3 achieving over 400,000 perspectives.

Towards the tip of March, the person’s video—and the track he used to be making a song, “Yi Jian Mei”—began choosing up traction. By mid May, the track had established itself as a part of the “Alternative TikTok” tradition as a distinct segment at the app.

Within the ultimate couple months, the time period “Alt TikTok” has emerged. The word refers to a ‘facet’ of TikTok—the Chinese-owned video-sharing app—the place customers poke a laugh on the mainstream tradition at the platform. Users who’re positioned in this ‘facet’ of the app by means of the set of rules are identified to mock the dominant dance and thirst-trap tradition at the platform. Alt TikTok content material and feedback are shielded in 1,000,000 layers of irony and the tradition has followed sure sounds, tendencies, hashtags, and dances as their very own. “Yi Jian Mei” has been overtly embraced by means of those customers.

Fei Yu-Ching’s model of the track made its approach at the platform on May 8 when person @sc4tman posted the video with the track to his account. That model of the sound has been used over 30,000 occasions by means of other customers at the app and the unique video has over 1.2 million perspectives. Additionally, the hashtag #xuehuapiaopiaobeifeungshioushiou on TikTok has over 47.3 million perspectives.

The track is set a Chinese guy who liked a lady who by no means liked him again. “Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feung Xiao Xiao,” the Mandarin lyric from the refrain that has received notoriety in meme tradition, interprets more or less to “snow falls and the North wind blows.” A extra entire translation of the refrain is as follows:

“I see spring coming to you and me. / Snowflakes are drifting, North wind is blowing. / In the huge white international.”

Essentially, the track has taken on to precise an “It Is What It Is” mentality. The snow falls and the wind blows. That’s simply how existence is, proper? Users ceaselessly copy-and-paste the word written in a daring, italic font, exhibiting more than a few emojis, in TikTok feedback sections to offer off an ironic, edgy, and unexplainable vibe.