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The science of audio: How a podcast reveals the pleasant mysteries of hearing

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Whisper Quiet.” As my creation to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), and the precise auditory cues associated with its reported bodily reactions, I felt like any individual had taken the highest off my head, rummaged round in my mind, and located one thing lost sight of within that used to be all at once helpful. And now not simply in an ASMR sense, despite the fact that the pattern clips of Bob Ross hit all of the proper notes for that, as did host Mike Rugnetta entering the spirit of ASMR by way of whispering the top credit.

Reasonably Sound is a podcast about audio and concerning the ancient and cultural context of specific sounds and sonic reports. In his episode about ASMR, Rugnetta now not handiest introduces his audiences to what ASMR is, however he additionally contextualizes the upward thrust of ASMR tradition on YouTube throughout the broader historical past of conversation era, beginning with an AT&T promoting marketing campaign from the 1970s selling long-distance calls as a medium for emotional intimacy. He additionally digs into the jargon of ASMR tradition, evaluating the delightful “triggers” present in ASMR movies to the worse triggers of trauma responses.

Research into the reasons of ASMR did not get started being revealed in earnest till 2020, months after the discharge of “Whisper Quiet,” so Rugnetta tells Ars Technica he is skeptical of the phenomenon’s life. But, actual or imagined, he recognizes ASMR’s memetic standing and delights in exploring the cultural context that produced it.

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