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C#, The Language For All Platforms – Now Including Windows 3.11 And DOS

The Microsoft .NET framework has been with us in one shape or some other for the reason that millennium, and although it has remained in large part the keep of the Microsoft universe, it has discovered its method since then via quite a lot of implementations to different platforms together with MacOS and GNU/Linux. In Microsoft phrases although its historical past is going again simplest so far as Windows 98, previous MS working programs stay off-limits.

Just a glimmer of .NET in DOS and Windows 3.11 comes courtesy of [Michal Strehovský], who has effectively compiled .internet C# code for each Windows 3.11 and DOS. An in-depth clarification comes courtesy of [Scott Hanselman], and it comes to some methods spanning the many years for the reason that early 1990s. The .NET Core compiler’s object recordsdata can also be fed into the linker that shipped with an historic model of Microsoft’s C++ compiler, which when used with Microsoft’s Win32s compatibility layer that introduced a few of Windos NT’s APIs to the 16-bit OS, lets in C# from 2021 to run as although it had been 1992 once more. Meanwhile the DOS model makes use of .NET Core’s talent to provide self-contained executables along side some very important tips to pare down the scale of the completed program from many megabytes to an eventual DOS-suitable 27ok. Remember the apocryphal Bill Gates quote, that “640ok must be sufficient for somebody“, that refers back to the most reminiscence to be had to DOS with out further memory-extending methods.

Neither piece of device is particularly helpful, and we will’t see a hurry of C# coders to those new platforms. But we applaud him for his ingenuity, and getting outdated {hardware} to do new methods is correct up our alley. It’s definitely dredged up a couple of recollections from again within the day for us. Meanwhile we’ve featured .NET in a couple of initiatives over time, maximum just lately on an FPGA.