Punch Through Switches Gears, Shucks Beans

Do you personal a LightBlue Bean or Bean+ from Punch Through? If you don’t have one now, you most likely by no means will, as the corporate has lately introduced they’re now not promoting or supporting the Bluetooth Low Energy microcontrollers. The corporate says that when promoting greater than 100,000 Bean units, the problem of… Continue reading Punch Through Switches Gears, Shucks Beans

LoRa-Based Plant Monitoring

Croatian engineers [Slaven Damjanovic] and [Marko Čalić] have evolved a wi-fi machine for farmers to observe plant prerequisites and climate alongside their agricultural fields. The machine makes use of an RFM95W module for LoRa conversation, and units are designed to be plug-and-play, battery-powered, and feature long-range conversation (as much as 10km from the gateway). It makes… Continue reading LoRa-Based Plant Monitoring