How to install nginx using yum on CentOS 6



This article describes how to install nginx (a internet server) on the CentOS digital server. This can also be executed during the Centos package deal installer yum.

nginx is a high-performance internet server device. It is a extra versatile and light-weight program than apache.


The steps on this instructional require the person to have root privileges. You can see how to arrange steps 3 and 4 (*4*) on CentOS .

Step One-Install EPEL

EPEL represents an additional package deal for endeavor Linux. Because yum as a package deal supervisor does no longer come with the newest model of nginx in its default repository, putting in EPEL will be sure that nginx on CentOS is saved up to date. To install EPEL, open a terminal and input:

sudo yum install epel

Step Two-Install nginx

About Nginx

To install nginx, open a terminal and input:

sudo yum install nginx

After you solution sure to the suggested two times (the primary comes to uploading EPEL gpg-key), nginx will whole the set up on your digital non-public server.

Step three-start nginx

nginx is not going to beginning on its own. To run nginx, input:

/and many others/init.d/nginx beginning

You can verify that nginx is put in on your VPS through directing the browser to your IP deal with. You can run the next command to show the IP deal with of your server.

ifconfig eth0
| grip inet | awk '{print $ 2}'

On the web page, you are going to see the phrase “Welcome to nginx” Congratulations! You have now put in nginx.