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Geek Trivia: Which Food Has Never Been An Official McDonald’s Mascot?

A trio of McDonald's milkshakes.McDonald’s

Answer: Milkshakes

McDonald’s has been round because the mid-20th century, this means that they’ve had greater than sufficient time to acquire some curious mascots via many promoting campaigns and initiatives. There’s a undeniable type of continuity to their mascots too, as formally all of them reside in a McDonald’s themed exchange fact referred to as McDonaldland.

In McDonaldland, you’ll to find the extra notable mascots like Ronald McDonald himself, the burger-obsessed Hamburglar, and a bunch of mascots in line with precise McDonald’s merchandise like Mayor McCheese (the mayor of McDonaldland who, as chances are you’ll wager, has a large cheeseburger for a head), Officer Big Mac (you guessed it, he’s a large Big Mac), and The Happy Meal Gang (a pleasant gang made up of the core elements of the Happy Meal: hamburger, fries, and cushy drink). Even the McGriddle breakfast sandwich were given a personality in 2003, the Griddler.

Despite the large reputation in their milkshakes over time, on the other hand, McDonald’s by no means were given round to making a McDonaldland personality in line with them. Don’t concern even though, in case your lifestyles is in point of fact incomplete with out a speaking milkshake mascot, you’ll be able to at all times flip to the grownup comedy caricature Aqua Teen Hunger Force (under no circumstances related to McDonald’s, we guarantee you), which includes a crass speaking milkshake dropped at lifestyles by means of a mad scientist’s experiment.